Welch House/Henderson House


Location: Behind Scobell, on Margaret Morrison Street

Style(s) of housing: Prime singles and prime doubles

Size: 83 residents

Building retention: Yes, except for non-single rooms on the first floor

Kitchens: One on the lower level in each building

Lounges: TV lounges and study areas in both buildings

As one of the more recently renovated student dorms on campus, Henderson House is a clean and quiet place to live. This dorm offers students air conditioning and heating, connected bathrooms — which are cleaned once a week — shared with one other room, and the intimacy of a small building, with 20 rooms per floor. The first floor is generally reserved for first-years only.

Henderson House and Welch House are also labeled “Wellness Houses,” in that they promote green practices, maintain a substance-free lifestyle, and generally encourage healthy living. Each student who lives here is expected to sign an agreement promising to adhere to these standards during the school year. Students can also take advantage of playing for the house’s IM teams or participating in weekly optional community activities set up by the resident assistants. Tickets to special events like plays or shows are subsidized by the dorm, which is a nice perk. Henderson, although placed on the outskirts of Carnegie Mellon, is sheltered from any traffic or noise from campus. The dorm’s residents also respect an unwritten policy of peace and quiet, which makes this dorm ideal for studying. Despite being on a hill, Henderson is very close to the Tepper School of Business, the tennis courts, Gesling Stadium, and the eateries at Resnik House, such as the Carnegie Mellon Café and Taste of India.

Despite all Henderson has to offer students, there are drawbacks. Dorm rooms are not the largest, and on occasion the heating will malfunction, turning each room into a furnace.
Welch is one of the Hill houses, but it distinguishes itself by having a 24-hour quiet rule. This often means that Welch attracts students who prefer to keep to themselves and are less interested in creating a community atmosphere. However, the atmosphere seems to suit students who want a comfortable home and don’t want to be distracted by noise. The rooms are large and bathrooms are spacious. Welch was renovated in 2001.