Letter to the editor: Education is about more than future employment

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When I read the Tartan Board’s recent editorial, “Increasing college debts should motivate students to make most of expensive education,” I was disappointed in the board’s view that the whole point of a college education is to prepare for a job. As an H&SS alumna, I couldn’t disagree more.

The point of going to college isn’t just to prepare for a job — that’s the point of professional school or trade school. The point of college is to get an education that will help introduce you to new ideas and new ways of thinking, and to discover diverse viewpoints that might change the way you view the world.

It is true that no matter which program you’re enrolled in, you’ll gain valuable skills to help you succeed in a future career, but it is also true that you get so much more out of an education than that. In addition, especially in H&SS, the knowledge that you gain will be far less important to a career than the skills you develop, which well help with far more than just a job. I hope that, in the future, students will realize that if “getting the most” out of an education just means adequately preparing for a job, they aren’t actually getting the most out of college at all, because college is about so much more than a job.