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Our Constitution must be respected, not abused by a king

President Obama recently issued 23 executive orders and some people aren't happy about it.

University must strive to perfect CMU Alert system

CMU Alert has been a work in progress since its creation. It's to address some of it's shortcomings.

Help me to understand your interests, bronies

Students chalk ponies in freezing weather. Why?

More people should not signal tighter population restrictions

As population continues to grow, distribution of resources is key.

The message is clear: don’t text and walk on campus

It's time to put away our cell phones.

Don't just blame Te'o

A complex hoax reveals multiple players to be at fault.

Public lost in Age of Information

As news publications fight for revenue, important news become overlooked.

Obama creates divide

Obama's inaugural address, though glowing, reveals deep political divisions.

Think before you tell Facebook how you really feel

Be careful what you post online. The NLRB might protect you, but don't count on it.

Person's Op

How did you enjoy the first big snowstorm of the season?

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