Dollar movie

The Way Way Back
Friday, Nov. 22 — 7:30, 10

This coming-of-age story is about a teenage boy forced to go on a road trip with his family. Think you’ve seen this a million times before? Think again. The Way Way Back twists the traditionally overwrought narrative of the teenager and makes it funny and heartwarming. What starts out as an overbearing and obligatory family trip for 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James), his mother (Toni Collette), and her not-so-friendly boyfriend (Steve Carrell) becomes a summer Duncan will never forget. Filled with incredible charm from its cast as well as its genuinely witty script, The Way Way Back is a fresh trip back to our younger years..

Saturday, Nov. 23 — 7:30, 10

It’s the year 2154, and the world is in ruins. Overpopulated and riddled with crime, Earth has become a dystopian hellhole for the majority of the human race, while the top tier has relocated to the pristine man-made station called Elysium, where health and wealth are reserved for the elite. The people of Earth are desperate for health care and hope to escape their seemingly hopeless world until an ordinary citizen named Max (Matt Damon) emerges as their one chance to bring justice. From the visionary director of District 9, Neill Blomkamp, Elysium is filled with jaw-dropping images and thrills that surpass the traditional blockbuster archetype by becoming a relevant commentary on current political arguments. Damon carries this heavy-handed film, making it entertaining and eye-opening.