Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Committee Update: Business Affairs

Senate will be hosting a senior lecture series, for which students nominate seniors they consider successful to give a speech. The nomination form should be on the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Student Senate Facebook page soon. The lectures will be held on Feb. 20, 2014; March 20, 2014; and April 17, 2014.

Points of Discussion

Senators have not been very interested in events hosted by the Internal Development Committee this semester, so Senate discussed methods for getting memberes to attend such events. Senate agreed that the events themselves don’t matter as much as actually getting S enators to attend. One suggestion was a Senate Christmas party.

The Academic Affairs Committee is looking to create a set of guidelines outlining a level of decorum and common courtesy for students. These would not be strictly enforced rules, but a set of community standards. Academic Affairs is looking for ideas about what to include in these guidelines.

Committee Update: Campus Life

The campus life committee tabled on Wednesday and Friday in front of Doherty Hall and successfully distributed 500 cookies and 32 gallons of cider for free to the student body. Tazza D’Oro, who sponsored the event by providing the cider, was pleased with the outcome.

Committee Update: Academic Affairs

Thrive@CMU, a mini designed to address recent issues raised about Carnegie Mellon’s stress culture, is in progress. Teaching assistant evaluations are mostly being handled by the Graduate Student Assembly this semester. A speaker may come to an upcoming Senate meeting to talk about mid-semester evaluations. Recently, Academic Affairs Committee members have listened in on Student Advisory Council meetings for various majors. Academic Affairs is considering using part of its budget to purchase new printers.