Henson was ill-informed

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Kyle Henson’s column on on Jan. 28 was an ill-informed and hysterical piece that added little to the gun control debate.

His treatment of executive orders was downright embarrassing. Although he tries to depict them as an usurpation of power by President Obama, in fact the first executive orders date back to the time of President Washington, with their justification generally traced to Article II of the Constitution. Obama’s executive orders, which Henson amusingly never actually describes in detail, followed the exact purpose he claims they should have — providing guidance on how to enforce laws.

More troubling is his poorly thought-out attitude toward the Constitution. The Constitution was written in the 18th century, in a context completely alien to anything Mr. Henson would recognize, both politically and culturally. A multicultural nation of 300 million people cannot be governed in the same way as a small, slave-holding frontier nation. If, as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has tried to claim, the Constitution is dead, it would need to be taken to the morgue and replaced with a living document.


M. P. Gallen
History Ph.D. candidate
Dietrich College