Did you know?

100 years ago: Jan. 30, 1913
The Thistle gets a new yearbook office in the hopes of recruiting more students to participate in the Carnegie Tech yearbook. Photos are needed and requests include the beautiful and not-so-beautiful things on campus, as well as photos of Panther Hollow, Schenley Park, and the students and staff that make up the campus.

50 years ago: Feb. 27, 1963
An interview with Marilyn Hammond, a home economics teacher and supervisor of the Margaret Morrison Nursery, sheds light on the purpose of an on-campus nursery: The children are carefully selected to give psychology students the chance to evaluate real children for a more practical approach to their studies.

25 years ago: Feb. 16, 1988
An editorial article urges the administration to name the newest campus dormitory after alumna Judith Resnik, who was killed in the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion. She held a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Tech, was a member of a sorority, wrote for The Tartan, and played classical piano.

10 years ago: Feb. 17, 2003
The weekly Person’s Opinion asks students, “Why is it so cold?” Answers range from comments on the time of year to “Because God hates Pittsburgh” and “Because Punxatawney Phil hates Pittsburgh.” Some students are more optimistic and claim that patience is the secret to withstanding Pittsburgh winters.

5 years ago: Feb. 18, 2008
The University Athletic Association names 59 varsity athletes to its All-Academic Recognition list for the winter sports season of 2008. To be eligible for the honor, students must have completed a full year of coursework and earned a 3.2 QPA. Recipients of the award represent a variety of sports for both sexes.

1 year ago: Feb. 20, 2012
The School of Drama presents a rendition of the musical Hair that is, as senior directing major Christian Fleming describes it, “Vibrant. Visceral. Introspective.” Students are equally impressed with the casting of the play and the instrumental accompaniment.