Dollar movie

Man of Steel
Thursday, Sept. 26

(Note: FREE as part of Ceilidh Weekend!)

Superman is back but with a whole new look. Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan join forces to reboot America’s favorite superhero with more action and spectacle. The movie does not disappoint: Its brutal action sequences add a sense of exhilaration in scenes with Superman, played by the genetically blessed Henry Cavill, who struggles as a quiet alien hero amongst men.

Margin Call
Friday, Sept. 27
7:30 10

One of the smartest Wall Street movies in recent years, Margin Call provides a thrilling look into the world of Wall Street within a period of 24 hours. The movie is a fictional account of an investment firm in Manhattan scrambling through a transformational night of the 2008 financial crisis. Director J.C. Chandor crafted a methodical thriller that proves engaging and intelligent. Featuring a solid ensemble cast and a marvelously sharp and clever screenplay, the film leaves the audience with just as many questions as it does answers as to whether financial firms are doing more harm than good.

Monsters University
Saturday, Sept. 28
7 9:30
Sunday, Sept. 29

In the latest Pixar installment, Mike and Sully are back in school, training to become the scariest monsters on campus. A genuinely heartwarming prequel to Monsters, Inc., the film is a great story about friendship and growing up that doesn’t bank on nostalgia. Also, for all of us with Tartan pride, one of the Monsters University campus buildings looks just like Hamerschlag Hall. Perhaps Pixar looked at Carnegie Mellon for inspiration? Watch Monsters University to find out!