Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Approval of Senate Budget

The Senate Finance Chair presented Senate’s budget for the 2013–14 academic year, which must be approved before Senate can distribute funds for special allocations or internal needs. After being delayed until this week’s meeting, Senate voted to pass the budget.

University Center Allocatons Board and Committee on Student Organizatons

After a presentation from Student Body Vice President of Organizations Corinne Rockoff, a fifth-year psychology and decision science double major, the Senate initiated a vote to approve this year’s Committee on Student Organizations (CoSo) and University Center Allocations Board (UCAB).

Rockoff also called for applicatons for both organizatons, as both are below the maximum member counts and UCAB is below its minimum, with only two members. Applicatons for UCAB and CoSO can be found on The Bridge.
Senate also voted to approve the members of both organizations.

Ex Officio Report

Kevin Monahan spoke at this week’s Senate meeting. Monahan, who took up the role of associate dean for career and professional development at the beginning of this academic year, outlined his plan for improving Career and Professional Development Services and asked for student feedback and input.

Senators had the chance to ask questions; some points addressed the lack of support from Career and Professional Development Services for certain majors within the College of Fine Arts and the lack of opportunity students of some areas of study face at Carnegie Mellon’s many job fairs.


There was one special allocation this week for Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Labor Day Barbecue. Due to time shortages, however, the finance allocation was postponed until next week.