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Obamacare fails to help the uninsured

Obamacare is not working and will not work. It won’t do what it’s designed to do, and more than helping the lower class, it will make the middle class suffer.

Buffer zones essential for reproductive rights

Women have the right to accessible medical care without being screamed at or harassed, and without fearing for their own safety.

MPAA must place innovation above unnecessary interrogation

America's copyright infringement crackdown has elevated to the level at which an innocent man can be unjustly pulled from a theater by federal agents simply for wearing smart prescription glasses.

Internet addiction can be fought with reality focus

To avoid the epidemic of Internet addiction, children need to learn that the computer is a tool, not something to be overly dependent on.

MLK day fails to encompass leader's radical legacy

Dr. King's work was a radical example against thoroughly overwhelming odds of resistance towards injustice, a fact which should be reflected in MLK celebrations at Carnegie Mellon and elsewhere.

Bagless Entropy+ smart move for a greener campus

Entropy+'s new bagless initiative is an encouraging step in the right direction for a more sustainable campus.

CMU must inspire improvements in online education

As Carnegie Mellon is considered one of the leaders in online education, it should strive to make significant improvements in online learning.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is impressed by the massive amounts of snowfall this week. So we asked, "What are you doing to avoid the cold?"

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