Campus Crime and Incident

Public Drunkenness

Jan. 17, 2014

University Police responded to South Craig Street after a Carnegie Mellon shuttle driver reported an intoxicated student lying on the sidewalk. University Police ensured that the student received medical attention. The student was cited with public drunkenness.

Noise Complaint

Jan. 17, 2014

University Police were summoned to Mudge House after a resident assistant and community advisor reported excessive noise from a party inside the piano room. When University Police arrived, they found that exotic dancers had been hired as entertainment. The officers dispersed the party and escorted the exotic dancers from the area. Student Life is handling any disciplinary consequences resulting from this incident.

Assisting an Outside Agency

Jan. 17, 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student was arrested after failing to identify himself to law enforcement.

The student was at a Beeler Street address, where Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and University Police responded to a noise complaint resulting from a party. The police dispersed the party, but were unable to confirm the student’s identity because he was carrying three ID cards and refused to cooperate.

The student was later identified after being taken to Allegheny County Jail, and is being charged with carrying a false ID, presenting a false ID to law enforcement, and underage drinking.

Suspicious Activity

Jan. 20, 2014

A University Police officer reported a suspicious exhibit in the hallway connecting Wean Hall and Doherty Hall.
When University Police arrived, a Carnegie Mellon student took responsibility for the exhibit.

The exhibit, which used tape and construction signs and closed the walkway, was part of an assignment for class.
University Police allowed the student to document the exhibit with a video camera, then requested that the exhibit be removed.

Wallet Theft

Jan. 20, 2014

University Police were summoned to the University Center Equipment Desk in response to the theft of a university employee’s wallet from the men’s locker room.
The victim said that he left his wallet in a gym bag inside an unlocked locker in the men’s locker room between 6–6:30 p.m. This investigation is ongoing.