dollar movie

Wreck It Ralph
Thursday, Jan. 30 — 7:30 p.m.

When kids go into Litwak’s Arcade, they play the ever popular Fix-It Felix game, in which a villain named Wreck-It Ralph destroys a building, yet Fix-It Felix is always around to save the day. However, when the arcade closes, the characters come to life and have dreams of their own. Ralph (played by John C. Reilly) is tired of being the villain and aspires to be a hero. In order to prove to himself that he is more than just the overlooked bad guy, Ralph decides to journey into the arcade universe in order to search for the perfect game where he can finally save the day. Ralph may seem like a ruthless and gargantuan villain, but Reilly gives him an affectionate and sensitive side that makes it easy for the audience to root for him. Wreck-It Ralph brings the classic Disney element of wonder and brings new twists and laughs as viewers live in the arcade games rather than just play them.

V for Vendetta
Friday, Jan. 31 — 8 p.m.

Set in a dark futuristic version of Britain, V for Vendetta is a cult classic full of stylized action and provocative questions. In the totalitarian regime of Britain, the government has become corrupt and abusive. When young and innocent Evey Hammond (played by Natalie Portman) is about to be attacked by secret police, she is saved by a masked vigilante who goes by the name V (played by Hugo Weaving). V is not only a hero, but also a symbol of hope and rebellion against the tyrannical regime. With Evey by his side, V sets out to create a revolution to destroy the totalitarian government. V for Vendetta is more than just an action thriller; it is a piece of great science fiction which challenges us to question the philosophy and politics of our own world.