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Problematic video makes claws come out over catcalling

It is important that the criticisms of “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” do not detract from the larger issue that cat-calling is sexual harassment experienced by women daily.

Letter to the Editor: Student participation vital in strategic planning

Interim Vice President John Lehoczky stresses the importance of the strategic plan and student involvement in an upcoming town hall, slated for Nov. 17 at 4:30 p.m.

Maynard's death not ours to judge

Dying from a terminal illness is a messy, painful process and those who suffer from it should be free to make their own decisions on their deaths.

Conflict Kitchen opposition discourages healthy discourse

Portraying the resistance to Conflict Kitchen as a neurotic reaction to the humanization of Palestinians does a disservice to the public understanding of the conflict.

Tragedy won't stop space revolution

Despite the tragedy of the SpaceShipTwo crash, the private space industry is well on its way to bringing outer space closer to the general population than ever before.

University should alert community on case-by-case basis

The university should consider changing its crime communications protocols regarding high profile cases like Mandour's to avoid being perceived as withholding information.

FDA labels obligated to reveal sour truth about sugar

With the potential health consequences of too much sugar intake, citizens need to stand up for their right to know what added sugars are being put in their food.

Conflict Kitchen cooks up food and dialogue

Conflict Kitchen encourages informed discussion and civility in their programs; there is no credence to the claim that it is excluding “other voices."

GOP wins big in Senate

There is no doubt that after the election, the ball is in the Republicans’ court, and it is now their responsibility to achieve the ends that voters put them in Congress for.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan fulfilled its number one civic responsibility this week. So we asked, "What is your biggest incentive to vote?"

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