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2014 elections are all in the family

People should be aware of the substantial and unfair benefits a candidate related to a politician receives when they run for office

Reality TV wrong to run when life gets too real

The "Honey Boo Boo" scandal reveals that we should be skeptical of networks that make celebrities out of "salt-of-the-earth" people and then go on deny the reality of their humanly flawed lives.

Quarantine unjustified, Ebola not U.S. plague

Quarantining and harassing healthy individuals out of fear of Ebola is counterproductive and unconstitutional

Racism is Halloween's spookiest costume

When we celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving, we need to be mindful of racist stereotypes and misappropriations so as not to distort the true nature of these holidays

Last week, asexuality took spotlight it deserves

Asexuality Awareness Week and similar movements deservedly shine the spotlight on a marginalized minority that needs to be more widely understood and acknowledged.

Can't stand the conflict? Get out of the Kitchen

Distorting Conflict Kitchen's pro-Palestinian message as anti Israeli misrepresents a murky and complex issue and fuels a dichotomy that doesn't inherently have to exist

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan's Halloween costume consisted of things form the back of our close (plus a little duct-tape). So we asked, "With unlimited time and resources, what would be your dream costume?"

Shootings should spark changes

Individuals and families as well as the government need to more actively respond to school shootings when they occur

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