Student Senate meeting minutes

Second Round Appeals

Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) heard second round appeals from student organizations before the ratification of the annual Joint Funding Committee (JFC) budget. Among those organizations appealing were Spring Carnival Committee, Carnegie Mellon Solar Splash, WRCT, Ballroom Dance Club, AB Concerts, and the University Rowing Club. Spring Carnival Committee received $10,500 at the appeal for fireworks, WRCT received $7,245 to transition to a digital audio system, Ballroom Dancing Club received $1,532 for their Scotch Ball event, and the University Rowing Club received $14,190 for a trailer. Carnegie Mellon Solar Splash and AB Concerts were denied their appeals.

Discussion: SBVPF, SBVPO Honorarium

Student Senate and the GSA discussed the allocation of $4,000 total to provide honorariums of $2,000 per semester each for the student body vice president for finance and the student body vice president for organizations. After an appeal from Student Body President Elect and junior electrical and computer engineering and business administration double major Ian Glasner, the allocation was removed from the budget.

Approving the Slate

Student Senate and the GSA voted to approve the the final budget allocated in the JFC slate. The slate passed in both Student Senate and the GSA, finalizing the JFC budget for the upcoming 2014–15 fiscal year.