Leadership Perspetive: Student newspaper serves as platform for engagement, change

Credit: Eunice Oh/Assistant Art Editor Credit: Eunice Oh/Assistant Art Editor
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To the class of 2018+,

As you adjust to the campus community at Carnegie Mellon, you will no doubt find a wealth of resources that can help you thrive during your college experience. These resources will come in many forms, from fellow classmates to professors, from textbooks to teaching assistants, from posters pinned up in your dormitories to the resident assistants who hang them.

As you weigh the various resources that will be essential for your time at Carnegie Mellon, we hope you will consider The Tartan among them.

The Tartan serves to inform the diverse community of Tartans who walk the Cut and Mall every day. Each week in this newspaper, you will find information about the campus’s latest research advancements, extracurricular events, and campus improvements, among other topics.

Our newspaper is foremost an outlet for change. There is always room to improve the standard of campus life in a community that represents an academically and personally distinct student body, especially at this pivotal time in students’ lives. We hope that The Tartan can act as a catalyst for needed improvements as students and faculty identify them.

To promote change, we hope to represent the student body’s interests as accurately as possible. To help us in our goal, we encourage you to submit Letters to the Editor for Forum, our opinion section. Letters to the Editor, like the opinions of our staffwriters, provide individuals with a public outlet for expression and offer readers perspectives on issues or points of discussion.

We also hope that you will consider submitting Leadership Perspectives, like this letter, as you become involved with campus organizations. A student leader can be anyone who has been elected or volunteered to head an established organization or event. These submissions are meant to inform the campus community of important milestones or to introduce points of discussion from the students and faculty who, through their positions on campus, guide other campus members. By engaging with us through your submissions and comments, we can better engage and serve you.

All Letters to the Editor and Leadership Perspectives may be accepted or rejected for printing by the discretion of The Tartan’s editorial staff. To submit a Letter to the Editor or Leadership Perspective, email or visit The Tartan’s office on the third floor of the Jared L. Cohon University Center at UC314.

We also encourage you to connect with us online through your comments on our website,, and your posts interacting with our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

To join The Tartan, request us on The Bridge, the university’s online hub for student activities, or stop by our table at the upcoming Activities Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 4:30– 6:30 p.m.

For general inquiries, email

Braden Kelner, Editor-in-Chief
Rachel Cohen, Publisher