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Ice bucket challenge campaign flawed

As demonstrated by the "Ice Bucket Challenge", viral campaigns are a great way to spread information virtually, but it is necessary to spread information in the real world to make a real difference.

Obama will be known for ushering in Lost Decade

Historians won’t remember the lofty rhetoric that got President Obama elected, but instead, they’ll remember the very real and very negative consequences of his policies.

Social activism must drive indifference from campus community

Let’s face it. Carnegie Mellon is not a campus particularly charged with political zeal.

Students must overcome effects of CMU Bubble

We attend Carnegie Mellon to pursue our passions, but we should be equally passionate about applying our education to real-world issues, such as recent events in Ferguson and the Middle East.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan was curious about what people are saying about the university these days. So we asked first-years, "What stereotypes about Carnegie Mellon have turned out to be true?"

Online courses endanger learning on campus

MOOCs provide a learning experience of ambiguous quality, and should not replace real classroom learning.

Carnival Announcement Timely, Shows Forethought

The Spring Carnival Committee communicated the Spring Carnival move back to the Morewood parking lot almost a full academic year in advance, a move that shows considerable thought for students.

President Suresh must remain student advocate

The Tartan looks back at President Suresh’s inaugural year and looks ahead at the impact we expect our new president will have during the rest of his tenure.

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