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Marriage equality gearing up for win, but war must go on

Marriage equality is on its final victory lap. New wins are here faster than most Americans are bothering to keep track, and the Supreme Court may finally take a stand on the issue once and for all.

Letter to the Editor: After CMU, you could Teach for America

Teach For America is a network of leaders working across sectors to create change. We are all united around the fundamental belief that a quality education is not a privilege — it is a right.

Letter to the Editor: Tell CMU staff the secret to transforming college life

A second Town Meeting for the entire university community on Carnegie Mellon’s 2015 strategic plan is scheduled for Jan. 28, 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the Posner Center.

Charlie Hebdo never asked for glorification

The veneration of Charlie Hebdo in western media over the past few weeks is the very sort of phenomenon that Charlie Hebdo would mock.

Safest, healthiest sorority might not be driest

The party scene of Greek life is entirely dependent on the fraternities and the choices they make, which leaves women more vulnerable to sexual assault.

Obama’s college plan should set example for CMU

Carnegie Mellon is increasingly expensive at a time when the government finally seems to be taking strides to make higher education affordable.

U.S. still has much to learn from celebrating MLK

The administration’s decision to make our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day mean something strengthens this campus’s commitment to diversity and is an indicator of the strides that society is making.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is wondering if a snowstorm this week is too much to ask for. So we asked,
How do you like to warm up on a cold winter’s day?

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