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SAT, ACT access should not be restricted by class

Because most colleges in America require these tests as part of admissions packets, this study shows the clear impact such a trend has on students' future education and employment.

Hoax threats on social media are nothing to joke about

Internet users are more frequently using social media as a platform for threats of violence. More often than not, these threats are hoaxes — sometimes, however, they hold true.

Pope will never be ally to LGBTQ

The Catholic Church will never be a champion for liberal ideas and social constructs.

CMU failed to effectively publicize new SARV data

It is of the utmost importance that the most recent data be available to the members of the community that it describes.

U.S. army must respect life "without borders"

If you were given the option to kill one terrorist leader with a drone strike but kill 28 innocent Americans as a result, would you do so? If the United...

Mentally ill too often carry burden of Medicare costs

Shifting the cost of increased Medicare premiums onto people who still have to work hits one group particularly hard: the mentally ill.

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