Campus Crime & Incident Reports

Alcohol Amnesty
Oct. 3, 2015

University Police arrived at Alpha Epsilon Pi and Webster Hall in response to reports of intoxicated students and medically evaluated the students. Because this incident met the criteria for alcohol amnesty, no charges were filed.

Underage Drinking
Oct. 4, 2015

Two University Police officers on patrol happened upon an intoxicated female student vomiting in the grass near Donner House. The student was cited for underage drinking and provided with medical aid.

Vandalism and Theft
Oct. 5, 2015

University Police arrived at the Scott Hall construction site in response to a report of copper wire that was stolen out of a junction box. Approximately $100 worth of copper wire was stolen, but about $10,000 worth of damage was caused by the removal of the wires. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 6, 2015

University Police were summoned to Cohon Center in response to a report of stolen tennis shoes from the men’s locker room. The victim reported that his shoes were taken between 6:55 and 7:45 p.m. The investigation is ongoing.

Theft, Access Device Fraud
Oct. 7, 2015

University Police responded to Morewood gardens in response to a report of a stolen ID card. The Carnegie Mellon student stated that she misplaced her card on Thursday, Oct. 1, and later discovered several fraudulent dining charges being made on the card. An investigation is ongoing.

Attempted Bicycle Theft
Oct. 8, 2015

A suspicious male was observed by University Security attempting to unlawfully remove a bicycle from the Purnell Center bicycle racks. Upon observing the security officer, the male fled the area. Several University Police and Security officers searched the area for the male, but were unsuccessful. An investigation is ongoing.

Defiant trespass
Oct. 8, 2015

University Police responded to reports of a disruptive employee at El Gallo de Oro in the Jared L. Cohon University Center. The employee was subsequently fired and was issued a defiant trespass notice advising him that future entry onto Carnegie Mellon property would result in his arrest.