International news in brief

Turkey’s refugee action plan backed by EU Leaders

ISTANBUL—In an effort to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis, European leaders have agreed to facilitate a visa liberalization process for Turkish citizens entering the Schengen countries. The European Commission also recently offered Turkey 1 billion Euros ($1.13 billion) as assistance for refugees in Turkish camps.

Source: Anadolu Agency

Afghan militia concerns NATO

KABUL—The escalation between Taliban and Afghan officials has prompted the government to expand the local militia forces, potentially undermining the grounds for the American intervention intended to strengthen the national police force. This comes after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region.

Source: New York Times

Hungary closes its borders to migrants

WARSAW—Hungarian officials announced on Friday the closure of the Croatian border in an attempt to control the flow of thousands of migrants and refugees across Europe. Analysts point out that the plan may cause an overflow of migrants at borders along the West Balkan route, potentially increasing the instability in the region.

Source: NYT

Fraud found in 2006 World Cup

BERLIN—According to a German report, former CEO of Adidas, Robert Louis-Dreyfus, set up a slush fund of 6.7 million Euros which was used by the World Cup bidding committee to secure votes that ensured Germany’s right to stage the 2006 World Cup. The charges have great implications in the ongoing FIFA scandal.

Source: Der Spiegel

Forced entry into Afghan hospital

KUNDUZ—An American army vehicle entered a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan as part of the investigation into the bombings that occurred two weeks ago. A spokesperson from Doctors Without Borders stated that the operation was against legal procedures and may have damaged crucial evidence.

Source: Le Monde

Turkey shoots down drone

ANKARA—A Turkish jet shot down a drone that entered the Turkish border through the Syrian airspace. Although evidence indicated the drone was of Russian origin, Moscow claimed all of their aircraft had safely returned home.

Source: Reuters