Women’s soccer retains unbeaten record in 2–0 victory

The Carnegie Mellon women’s soccer team took on the University of Rochester Yellowjackets on Friday. The Tartans built up a 2–0 lead in the first half, and the defense held that lead to the very end, bringing Carnegie Mellon to a 12–0–1 record overall and a 3–0 record in University Athletic Association (UAA) play.

The Tartans got off to a fast start, driving the ball to Rochester’s side of the field early and often. Pressure on the Rochester defense resulted in a foul deep in their territory. Sophomore midfielder Tori Iatarola took the free kick attempt and sent it flying toward the goal. Sophomore midfielder Haili Adams attempted to head the ball in, but a defender blocked it at the last moment. At this critical juncture, senior midfielder Carson Quiros located the rebounding ball and booted it into the corner of the goal, putting the Tartans up 1–0 in the eighth minute.

Rochester attempted to answer, but their attempts ended up in the hands of junior goalkeeper Katie Liston. The Tartans offense pressed back against the Yellowjackets, racking up more shots against the visiting team’s defense. In the 37th minute, Quiros found another opportunity after shooting past Rochester’s defenders. A low shot to the near post netted Quiros her third goal of the season, putting the Tartans up 2–0 before the first half finished. Though this would be the end of scoring for the game, the continued pressure of the offense evidenced by the 11–4 advantage in shots and 8–2 edge in corner kicks helped cement the team’s performance.

In the second half, the Tartans defense took the stage as Rochester attempted to get back into the game. Though the Yellowjackets were able to take some close shots, Liston came up with the saves she has made all season long. Carnegie Mellon was also able to keep the ball on Rochester’s side for a fair portion of the half, limiting the number of opportunities the Yellowjackets had to attempt a comeback. As time ticked down, Rochester attempted goals from long distances in an effort to earn a better position for a comeback. Though they would occasionally be afforded some opportunities, the Carnegie Mellon defense remained stout, clinching their eighth shutout of the year and Liston’s fifth this season.

“It feels really great to get another win,” Liston said after the game. Though obviously pleased with the team’s victory, she and the rest of the team have not taken their performance this season for granted. “Every game is a battle. The teams we play are very evenly matched, and it can go any way in any game.” Going into that day’s games, all of the UAA teams had overall winning records, showcasing the enormous amount of skill between the Tartans and their rivals. Though she recognizes and respects the degree of talent among the team’s opponents, Liston is still proud of what the team has accomplished and what the team can continue to accomplish going into the final games of the regular season. “We have the skill and talent. We just need to keep playing the way we know we can. We have such a deep bench; we have 20 players who could go out and play well.”

On Sunday, the Tartans pulled off a stunning victory over Emory in double overtime. Junior forward Megan Bartoshuk tucked a ball into the corner of the net with six seconds left in double overtime, securing the win for the Tartans as multiple Emory players collapsed in agony.

The Tartans will take on Washington University in St. Louis next on Friday, Oct. 30.