Movies in McConomy

Friday October 9
8pm, 10:30pm

Universal Pictures' most infectious creation are finally starring in their own movie. Minions, the movie about the small, yellow characters everyone fell in love with in Despicable Me, is showing in McConomy this weekend. This movie begins with the journey of the minions as they go from a single-celled yellow organism to how to evolve and find a leader to serve. However, the minions struggle to keep a master which leads them into a deep depression. Follow the adventures of the three minions, Kevin, Stuart, and little Bob as they find a new potential master and go from the freezing temperatures of Antarctica to the bustling city of New York in the 1960s.

Saturday October 10
8pm, 11pm

Starring Melissa McCarthy as a desk-bound CIA analyst Susan Cooper, Spy is a classic comedy about an unlikely hero saving the day. After her partner falls off the grid, Cooper, the true face behind some of the CIA's most dangerous missions, volunteers to go undercover and stop a deadly arms dealer. Director of Bridesmaids and The Heat Paul Feig teams up with McCarthy again and makes Spy a movie sure to keep you laughing out loud the entire time.