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Rise Up October protests show world has apathy problem

When people are so indifferent to the issues of their fellow citizens that they treat their demands for justice as petty Snapchat stories, we've reach a whole new level of low.

Meat is not healthy, government subsidies force us to keep eating

The WHO report should serve as a reminder that the farm subsidy program needs to be reevaluated if America wants a healthier population.

Letter to the Editor: Israel actions in Palestine justified, reasonable

The only answer to Palestinian agression is for Israelis to defend themselves as they have done for decades as the State of Israel, and for millennia as the Jewish People

“Ferguson Effect” is myth, distraction from real movement

Black Lives Matter protesters are either viewed as a convenient scapegoat or an excuse to delay changing police behavior.

Students aren’t standard, too many tests impair learning

Our schools’ reliance on standardized testing is extremely limiting, forcing teachers to stifle their creativity and teach in a manner that might not be the most effective for their students.

Don’t see red, Youtube pay-wall benefits us all

Instead of a platform where people are able to post and discuss videos, YouTube may be trying to shift the balance of who rightfully owns content.

Brutal police officers don’t belong in public schools

School police officers serve beneficial many purposes. Sometimes, however, school police officers are the ones causing violence in public schools.

NYC’s new free SAT plan transcends class limitations

There is a disturbing influence that class and race have on access to education in America. This week, however, New York City took an encouraging step toward bridging this gap.

Criminal record not death sentence for employment

If a person’s family is destitute and selling drugs is the only way for them to put food on the table, he or she should not be permanently out of a job.

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