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Millennials deserve more credit for rocking the workplace

Recent studies have shown that over 70 percent of employers find that Millennials are better equipped workers than the generation before them.

American media creates overblown gun anxieties

America has become a safer nation over the last several decades. So why have we seen many more of these mass shooting headlines recently?

Voters need to fight against NRA, minimal gun laws

After yet another mass shooting occurred this past week, this time in San Bernardino, Calif., the debate on gun control has been reinvigorated once again.

To save climate, leaders must cut toxic ties with industry

Politicians are finally realizing that “business as usual” will mean the destruction of entire ecosystems, coastal towns, and in some cases, countries.

Low-income CMU music students don't get a fair chance to play

Music education is a great way for the School of Music to give back to the Pittsburgh community. However, the cost of the program makes it inaccessible to many kids.

Kylie Jenner shouldn't turn disability into accessory

Jenner takes something that stigmatizes those who are legitimately disabled, a wheelchair, and uses it as a tool for social gain and high-fashion spotlight.

Letter to the Editor: The black experience at CMU

Numerous students, faculty, and administrators turn a blind eye to the fact that Carnegie Mellon poorly represents and treats black students.

Letter to the Editor: Why does CMU not care about black people?

We, CMU in general, as a community have never really heard from the administration whether or not the well-being and success of black students on campus is a priority for the school.

Letter to the Editor: Black Attitudes Matter

When you say minorities are angry, sassy, or mad, all you’re doing is putting them in a box and furthering stereotypes.

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