Campus Crime & Incident Reports

Vehicle Damage
Nov. 20, 2015

University police responded to the East Campus Garage after minor damage was inflicted upon a stationary vehicle after another vehicle drifted into it. University Police ensured that all proper information was shared between the two vehicle owners.

Nov. 29. 2015

The manager of a restaurant in Resnik Hall reported to University Police that someone had entered the restaurant and unlawfully removed $85-90 from the cash register sometime between 2 p.m. on Nov. 25 and 3 p.m. on Nov. 29. An investigation is ongoing.

Public Drunkenness and Similar Misconduct
Nov. 30, 2015

A Carnegie Mellon student was observed dancing in the street which led to him almost being struck by a passing car. University police confirmed that the student was under the influence of alcohol. The student was subsequently provided with medical attention and was issued a citation.

Theft/Access Device Fraud
Nov. 30, 2015

A Carnegie Mellon staff member reported to university police that someone unlawfully removed her wallet from her desk and proceeded to use her credit cards to make a number of fraudulent purchases. An investigation is ongoing.

Suspicious Activity
Nov. 30, 2015

A campus printer was reportedly hacked, which caused it to print 600 copies of the same document. An investigation is ongoing.

Theft of Basketball
Nov. 30, 2015

After taking a break from playing basketball in Weigand Gymnasium, a Carnegie Mellon staff member noticed that his personal basketball was unlawfully removed from the premises. The staff member told university police that the theft happened sometime around 6:15 p.m.

Identity Theft
Dec. 1, 2015

A Carnegie Mellon student reported to University Police that there were $18,000 in fraudulent charges placed on her credit card. An investigation is ongoing.

Hit and Run
Dec. 1, 2015

A Carnegie Mellon staff member told University Police that her hand was struck by the mirror of a passing vehicle as she was walking along Boundary Street. The staff member declined medical attention.

Suspicious Person
Dec. 3, 2015

Last Tuesday, a Carnegie Mellon student residing on Forbes Avenue reported seeing a suspicious male looking in the window of her residence. A joint investigation between Carnegie Mellon police and the City of Pittsburgh police is ongoing.

Loud Party/Alcohol Offense
Dec. 4, 2015

University Police responded to Stever House after complaints of a loud party were received. Upon entering the premises, university police found alcoholic beverages in the Carnegie Mellon student’s room. The student was issued an internal citation for a Carnegie Mellon alcohol offense.