Letter from the Student Body President

Dear Fellow Students,

As we approach our winter break holiday, it is imperative that I provide the following reminder to our student community:

Jibby and I need to know about any changes that you or any collection of students might envision for Carnegie Mellon. It is our responsibility to make time, if necessary, to hear what those changes are. When student government agrees that your ideas will benefit both you and our student body, it is also our responsibility to find ways to help you transform your ideas into reality.

Serving the student body this semester has been an amazing experience. Helping the Active Minds organization through our INSPIRE program to bring alumni artist Kai Roberts back to campus, putting on events like student/faculty mixers and student-led town hall meetings are just some examples of how Jibby and I have approached making Carnegie Mellon the best that it can be. But we’re not the only ones who have ideas on how to do so.

After participating in an event demonstrating our solidarity with the African-American students at the University of Missouri, Jibby and I helped organize a meeting with the student orchestrators who made that event happen. As a result of hearing of their dissatisfaction with the way race and diversity are addressed at Carnegie Mellon, we are excited to help them work towards their goals aimed at promoting equality for all members of our campus community.

Jibby and I pursued our offices to provide an advocate and activist platform for every student who calls Carnegie Mellon home. We are proud to do so for the student leaders mentioned above, and we are excited to hear how we might empower you as well.

May your winter break be blessed and fun.

JR Marshall
*Student body president