Justin gains more beliebers with new music

Justin Bieber has come a long way since the baggy
hoodies, cookie cutter pop songs, and bowling alley
music video (credit: Photo Courtesy of Flickr Commons) Justin Bieber has come a long way since the baggy hoodies, cookie cutter pop songs, and bowling alley music video (credit: Photo Courtesy of Flickr Commons)

It seems like just yesterday a young Canadian boy from YouTube was telling us one time that we were the girl of his prepubescent dreams. A lot of time has passed since then, and we’ve watched Justin Bieber go from a kid in a purple hoodie with hair in his eyes to kind of a tool. From getting arrested for a DUI to leaving a monkey in another country, J-Biebs seems to have done it all. Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any better for the singer, he made a turnaround reminiscent of Britney Spears circa 2007 following his roast on Comedy Central. He apologized for acting like such a brat, but who could blame the guy? He’d been thrown into the spotlight at a young age and if you’ve ever seen his father’s Twitter, you know he doesn’t have the best role models around. However what’s even more exciting than his becoming less of a jerk is his change in musical style.

Since singing Chris Brown songs on YouTube, Justin Bieber has always been influenced by hip hop and R&B. However he was instantly launched into the spotlight as a young pop star that young girls were literally selling their virginities to meet. Anyone over the age of sixteen didn’t even bother giving him the time of day, aside from maybe humming his mainstream songs because they were always on. I personally was an ardent Jonas Brothers fan and because I only had room in my heart for one J.B., I never really could get into his music. However, when he came out with his song “Boyfriend,” I saw a glimpse of something unexpected from him. I saw a glimpse of the Justin Bieber of today.

I was still in denial and naively waiting for the day that the Jonas Brothers would get back together that fateful day in 2012 when I first heard “Boyfriend” and thus I paid it and the rest of the Believe album no mind. When I heard “Where Are Ü Now” I knew that I could no longer ignore this new sound Justin Bieber had. I found myself actively listening to this song all the time. I actually felt bad for Justin Bieber that this person was not there when he needed them! Dare I say I was becoming a fan? As a hardcore fan girl in my youth, I knew that these were early onset signs for becoming a Belieber. I continued to push these thoughts out of my mind and told myself that I liked “Where Are Ü Now” because of Skrillex, but when I heard “What Do You Mean?” I could no longer blame anyone else for my love of this song. I had to come to terms with the fact that while Justin was making this effort to include more R&B stylings and synthesized music, I was turning into a Belieber.

Following the release of this song, I was wowed once again with “Sorry,” an anthem about how your ex actually misses you for your personality and not just for the sex. As much as I believe that every line of that song is entirely full of crap, the music is great and his vocals are even better. His song “Love Yourself” is a brutally honest jam about his dating someone who’s so vain, but only realizing it in hindsight even though he should have known the moment his mom said she didn’t like her. This song leaves me dying to know if it’s actually about Selena Gomez, and if so, why he dated her for so long. As if those songs weren’t enough, his latest single “I’ll Show You” has put my socks back on and blown them off again. Bieber sings about how it’s not easy being in the spotlight and even though the pressure makes it hard for him to always do the right thing, he plans on showing us the real Justin Bieber. If the real Justin Bieber keeps making this kind of music, I’ll be entering 2016 as a Belieber.

Justin Bieber has been on a steady incline following a very sharp decline. While he’s still not perfect as a person, his music has shown a whole new side of him that has never before been seen. His current music is so honest as opposed to all of the cookie-cutter pop songs he previously released. His music reflects real relationships and feelings as opposed to just being about nothing. I never thought that “Bieber Fever” could happen to me. I thought I followed all the precautions to make sure that I never caught it, but it came out of nowhere. Justin Bieber, after all these years, you may have finally made me one less lonely girl.