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Scotch‘n’Soda play disturbs and amuses

The play works as a heady cocktail of guffaw-inducing one liners on one side and gut-wrenchingly painful moments on the other.

Jesmyn Ward spins stories

When author Jesmyn Ward finished her speech on Mon., Feb. 5, she received a standing ovation that seemed to last for hours. Audience members were clapping, cheering, and some had tears in their eyes.

Advice for awkward people

I’ve been trying to get a girl to notice me for some time now.


Monday 2.16.15 Dickson Prize in Science - Presentation and Lecture. McConomy Auditorium. 4:30 p.m. Joseph M. DeSimone of the University of North Carolina...

Pie that’s almost as cold as your heart

The theme of this week’s dessert installment is “eat your feelings.”

Movies in McConomy

Interstellar is an epically beautiful film that stretches the imagination and the mind to its fullest.

Distant Feel exhibit leaves audience puzzled

Spanning one small room, the exhibit featured just three complete pieces, offering a limited and strange glimpse into Catala’s vision of sentiment in the modern day.

Fifty Shades of Grey painful for Ana and audiences alike

Fifty Shades of Grey is what you’d expect. I’ll admit before I get into the nitty-gritty of the movie that I didn’t read the book, but I think in this case that may have been to my advantage.

Beck, Sam Smith win big at Grammys

Though I stand with the American public insofar as I have a very deep and real love for Beyoncé and her music, I am frustrated by the response at this year’s Grammys.

A Web of Rights: the latest Sony-Marvel agreement

This past week, it was announced that Marvel and Sony had finally reached a new deal over the rights to Spider-Man.

Read up on fashion while you’re snowed in

People interested in fashion generally have a couple of sources of inspiration that they normally check out every now and then, like fashion magazines, blogs, and even everyday outfits worn by others.

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