Read up on fashion while you’re snowed in

Fashion expert Lauren Conrad is known as an A-list best dresser, and to prove it wrote a book to help readers and fans learn how to dress like her. (credit: Courtesy of toglenn via Wikimedia Commons) Fashion expert Lauren Conrad is known as an A-list best dresser, and to prove it wrote a book to help readers and fans learn how to dress like her. (credit: Courtesy of toglenn via Wikimedia Commons)

People interested in fashion generally have a couple of sources of inspiration that they normally check out every now and then, like fashion magazines, blogs, and even everyday outfits worn by others. Now even fashion apps are developed for those who really can’t get away from fashion. However, a more traditional choice, like reading a book about fashion, may also be nice and several recommendations below are available for this choice.

Some fashion books seem to be written as though they are meant for people interested in professions in the fashion industry, which is most likely not the case for those of you reading this article. Nevertheless, I believe that these books can be interesting just for the knowledge they provide. For example, one of the books mentioned in StyleCaster’s “16 Books to Read Immediately” is The Teen Vogue Handbook by Teen Vogue. I’m sure most people have heard of Teen Vogue before, the magazine that, in my opinion, puts over-the-top — yet still cool — outfits together to help people find new clothing. According to StyleCaster, The Teen Vogue Handbook provides information about the roles of different members of the fashion industry. This book also unfolds “the ultimate behind-the-scenes look” of fashion professional, which I think would make an interesting reading experience.

Another similar book that caught my eye from StyleCaster was the Secrets of Stylists by Sasha Charnin Morrison. As its name gives away, the book is about the tips and tricks that stylists employ to put together outfits. I’m always wondering how celebrity stylists put outfits together; then I’m aware that this book talks about the ways celebrity stylists create outfits by showing their new, cohesive looks designed for their clients.

Some books, on the other hand, offer advice from people who are well known in fashion, like Style by Lauren Conrad. People can recognize her name from the once-popular television show, The Hills. While I’m not too familiar with the show, I remember that she had a career in fashion; such experiences give her credibility to give fashion advice. Even if you don’t feel like you need any advice, I believe that this book would be informative as well. After all, you never know if you would actually learn something new.

Another similar book is It written by Alexa Chung, who is known as a television personality, a model, and a fashion icon in a sense. Her book is different from the ones mentioned above in the way that it actually ventures out of fashion, instead into her musings about music and everyday life. While the other books seem to be more serious readings, possibly with the exception of Lauren Conrad’s, It looks light and easy. People without much understanding about fashion could enjoy the book as well.

The last book I want to recommend is called #GirlBoss, by Sophia Amoruso, which is more autobiographical in nature. #GirlBoss details the author’s rise from a “hitchhiking, committing petty theft, and dumpster diving” teenager to the founder and CEO of a widely successful online clothing store, Nasty Gal. This book is not only about fashion; the inspiring personal achievement of Amoruso is also worth reading.

There are so many books out there for people interested in fashion; the ones above are just a few examples from different categories. Try some of these out to see which type you prefer and then you can search for more in the same category. While our Carnegie Mellon lives keep us all busy, there are relatively easy readings for you to check out.