Movies in McConomy

Interstellar is an epically beautiful film that stretches the imagination and the mind to its fullest. But… who would name their child after Murphy’s Law? What can go wrong will go wrong. Was that their sly way of saying she was a mistake? Do they know the price of therapy in a post-apocalyptic America? Me neither, but it sounds expensive. That aside, Interstellar revolves around the relationship between Murphy (Mackenzie Foy/Jessica Chastain) and her father (Matthew McConaughey) when he is sent to find an alternate living solution on another planet. And if you are familiar with Christopher Nolan, known for the Dark Knight series and Inception, you will already know how intricate and involved his plot lines get. The starting point and the ending point are so different that the already two hour and 50 minute epic can feel like eight hours and two lifetimes. And with the music rendering some of the dialogue completely inaudible, it feels as if you are chained to a New York City nightclub speaker with the bass turned up all the way up. So bring earplugs and your cushiest neck pillow because you will be in for one long and loud ride, folks.