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DEBATE: Are improving Indo-U.S. relations good news?

Culturally and ideologically, there could hardly be two closer large countries than India and the United States, and these new, stronger Indo-U.S. ties will prove highly beneficial to both nations.

DEBATE: Are improving Indo-U.S. relations good news?

With the United States’ own shaky history with Islam and the Middle East, this closer relationship between the United States and India is incredibly worrisome.

Venture for America will help you build your dream career

As a Venture for America Fellow, you’ll be doing irreplaceable, impactful work in an organization that is seeking to shape the world in its image.

New HoloLens tech lights up imagination

With a technology with as much potential as the HoloLens, it won’t be long before programming reality becomes the next big thing.

Measles isn't very magical, vaccinate your children

Vaccination-dubious parents should not be the cause of a new pandemic. Measles is entirely preventable.

Love the football game, hate the toxic sports culture

Football is a violent sport, but there needs to be a distinction between the game and manufactured football culture.

Ted Cruz equals catastrophe for U.S. scientific future

Based on Cruz’s voting record and failure to champion the causes he is now in charge of, his appointment casts a gloomy shadow over the immediate future of scientific research, NASA included.

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