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Frighteningly frosty weather should cancel classes

As Pittsburgh weather shatters record low temperatures this month, public and private schools have been forced to close. Yet, colleges are a different story, and that story needs to change.

Buzzfeed is not end of journalism, but its new beginning

Of course, the biggest objection to Buzzfeed as a model for journalism's future is the fact that, well, it's all meaningless clickbait junk, isn't it? But that's not exactly true.

You're doing enough: no need to overload

As Carnegie Mellon defines its path with the Strategic Plan, administrators, as well as the wider campus community, must seriously consider Caroline Acker’s suggestion to do away with overloading.

Government should get into sports

Even when relocation is not a hot-button issue, professional sports exist in a weird economic space that requires regulation.

Low approval ratings are sign of free speech

Media networks paint a melancholy image of a low approval rating, but when examined closely, it may not be all that bad.

This year's Oscar went to much political controversy

Last Sunday’s Academy Awards, the whitest Oscars in almost 20 years, struck a political chord.

Molly overdoses show importance of drug education

While the Wesleyan case shows some of the health risks of illicit drugs, the lack of drug education on college campuses is even more concerning.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is scrambling to finish our last few assignments before freedom. So we asked,
If you had a million dollars, what would you do for Spring Break?

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