SBVPO profiles

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Trevor Hadick

Trevor Hadick, a sophomore chemical engineering and engineering and public policy double major, is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO) on a platform of increasing student involvement through open communication. Hadick ran for the position last year as well.

“Some of the things I wanted to fix last year still haven’t been fixed, so those things go on to my agenda first,” Hadick said. “The number of students who are involved is very low. It was my [agenda] last year and will continue to be on [it].”

Hadick also plans to change the way organizations reserve rooms. Currently, organizations book rooms through a website called 25Live. He thinks “it is a horrible system that makes planning events harder.”

He also said that he will focus on allocating student organization space through the University Center Allocation Board (UCAB), noting that is is important for the space to be divided fairly in the best interest of all organizations. UCAB makes decisions every other year as to which student organizations will gain access to student space, primarily on the third floor of the Jared L. Cohon University Center.

Hadick said he understands the difficulty of becoming recognized as a student organization as well, saying in his platform that the current process keeps “many great organizations on campus from finishing the application process.”

“I know how difficult it is and I think having gone through [organization processes] makes that much of a difference,” Hadick said of himself.

He is currently part of the student body president’s cabinet, as well as the treasurer for the men’s club soccer team. He is also part of the College of Engineering Community Building Committee (CBC).

He noted that a successful SBVPO would need to be openly communicative with others and willing to take criticism.

He said it is important to have “the ability to make tough decisions for the best of this school. Since it is [a UCAB] year, as a group we will make tough decisions.”

Hadick stressed the need to talk to organizations during the UCAB process to make sure they understand the decisions that the body makes regarding space access.

Fun Fact

Hadick once ran his own photography business. He kept it for a year, but it didn't work out that well.

Ryan Lapré

Ryan LaPré, a sophomore math and economics double major, is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO).

In his platform, he focuses on increasing the SBVPO’s contact and support for organizations, as well as improving the culture within student organizations at the university.

LaPré said that, if elected, he would first build a strong relationship with the Committee on Student Organizations (CoSo) and focus on the recognition process for young organizations.

“I would look at increasing communication and a strong communication between organizations,” LaPré said. “Usually, members will go through committee meetings and go to organization meetings and check in with ... administrators, but the contact tapers off. I would like to have increased communication throughout the year — keep open minds of communication so that if groups run into trouble at any point of the year, we can help them out [with] the support of Student Government.”

According to LaPré, another problem is the lack of record keeping for different organizations. In the CoSo process, there are not a lot of organization records being kept.

If elected, LaPré plans to “increase the amount of knowledge the [SBVPO] keeps.”

“I would like to create a system where [the SBVPO] can keep the information of what groups are recognized as, and when and what kinds of questions do we ask throughout the year in the young recognition process,” LaPré said. “Every year we are not coming back to the same questions, which makes it a little unfair for them.”

Young organizations must go through a process with Student Government to become recognized by the body and receive Joint Funding Committee money.

LaPré said that being on CoSo has prepared him for being SBVPO: “Having someone [from CoSo] in the VPO position can keep the strong bond between members while also making them very effective for student organizations as much as we can.”

LaPré is also Chair of the Internal Development Committee of Student Senate, a member of Scotch ‘n’ Soda Theatre, and a member of the Spring Carnival Committee. He has also fenced with the Club Fencing team.

Fun Fact

LaPré has never lost a game of Monopoly.