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Seniors impart wisdom in First Lectures

This week, two seniors related their experiences at Carnegie Mellon to others in the student body.

Town hall details strategic plans

University administrators, faculty, staff, and students met in Posner Hall last Wednesday for the last of three campus-wide town halls to refine Carnegie Mellon’s Strategic Plan.

Proud to Be Plaid announces trustees, seniors partnership

The Board of Trustees voted last week to approve a donation matching program that adds $20 to every $5 donated by a senior between now and graduation.

SES survey evaluates campus lifestyle

Three years ago, Carnegie Mellon students received an email to participate in the Carnegie Mellon University Student Experience Study (CMU-SES). Now, they are being asked to participate in it again.

Crime and Incident

Two students reported being the victims of egg-throwing antics near campus this week.

Senate Meeting Minutes

Student Senate discussed its Academic Relationship Code and current finances.

News In Brief

TechBridgeWorld has won $20,000 for a device that teaches Braille and a former post-doctoral research associate presented to the British Parliament.

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