Senate Meeting Minutes

Finance Committee Update

Student Senate has $71,000 for special allocations. Senate has received $32,000 more in allocation requests than it did last year, and has allocated $6,287 less. All of the committees are on budget except for the Communications Committee and the Campus Life Committee, which are under budget.

Senate has also made $890 in revenue from selling Senate clothing. Over two-thirds of the T-shirt and sweatshirt stock still needs to be sold.

Special Allocation: Food Truck Block Party

Senate voted to allocate $2,859 for last Saturday’s Food Truck Block Party. The event, which took place on Margaret Morrison Street, was meant to strengthen the community of the Hill area dorms and bring attention to Pittsburgh’s food truck scene. The Finance Committee funded the event on the grounds that the investment was worthwhile because of its long-term potential.

Academic Relationships Code Update

The Academic Affairs Committee presented the details of the Academic Relationship Code, which is broken up into three sections: honesty, transparency, and respect; academic commitment; and outstanding circumstances.

With the code, the Committee hopes to improve stress culture by promoting communication between professors and students to increase transparency between both parties. By increasing communication, the Committee intends for students to be able to ask for extensions on assignment.

Points of Discussion and Announcements

Senate is considering surveying students on the proposed new smoking policy. Senate also discussed its upcoming annual dodgeball tournament.