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Sex education in U.S. fails to be educational

Not being properly informed about human sexuality can lead to difficult situations, such as disease and unwanted pregnancy, but also to severe misconceptions about sex and sexuality.

CA water restrictions doomed if agriculture won’t conserve

Current water use restrictions in drought-stricken California don't address water use by agriculture, California's primary water consumer. Until this changes, the restrictions won't work.

Autism Speaks doesn’t deserve your donation

If you are going to give to an organization this Autism Awareness Month, consider donating to an organization that spends more money on improving the lives of people with autism.

Sex crimes still relevant after UVA

Erdely failed as a journalist by not questioning and fact-checking with other sources, but her statement can have repercussions for many sexual assault survivors and their treatment by the media.

Student forums are invaluable to diversity initiatives

The student diversity forums this week, hosted by senior global studies and Hispanic studies double major Juan Acosta, were a significant student-led effort to approach an important campus issue.

On-campus food pantries support upward mobility

Food security can be a problem for college students, who often do not have the available resources to afford college. Food pantries are an ideal way to solve this problem.

Carnival experience should be balanced and fun

While the break is certainly a welcome respite from the normally grueling school year, students should reevaluate how they spend their free time during Carnival.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is jumping up and down withe excitement for Carnegie Mellon’s most famous weekend. So we asked,
What are you doing over Carnival (besides partying)?

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