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‘Fight for 15’ protestors call for higher wages

Their demands were wages increase to $15 an hour, and the formation of a union. The event was called “Fight for 15.”

Kiltie band, Carnival committee welcome 101st Carnival

This year’s Midway Opening Ceremony for Spring Carnival paid a bittersweet farewell to its longstanding place on the Morewood Gardens parking lot.

Town hall participants discuss CMU’s international programs

Campus members gathered last week in the Posner Center to discuss the university's international strategy.

Carnival changes to come in 2016

Next year, Carnival will be spread across the College of Fine Arts (CFA) parking lot, the CFA lawn, and the Mall.

International news in brief

April 14 marked the one-year anniversary of a mass kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls, while Brazil's São Paulo recently ordered martial law on its citizens to fight dengue fever.

News in Brief

This week the Information Networking Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary, and several Carnegie Mellon professors of psychology called attention to the gender gap in the journal Cognition.

Stats speaking

This week was Carnegie Mellon's 101st Spring Carnival, and the last Carnival to take place on the Morewood Gardens parking lot. Construction for the...

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