International news in brief

150 killed in terrorist attack on Garissa University College in Kenya

On Thursday, gunmen from a Somalian terror organization al-Shabaab attacked the Kenyan town of Garissa and the college that the town holds. Almost 150 students were killed in the attack, after which the gunmen took hundreds of students hostage. The attack was likely a result of tensions between the al-Shabaab organization, which is a conservative Islamist organization linked to al-Qaeda, and the Christian population of the town. The organization, thought to have been led by Mohamed Mohamud, has also been a part of previous terror attacks in Kenya, provoking a response from the Kenyan police and government, which have offered a large reward for his capture.

California drought prompts water restriction

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that communities across the state are now responsible for cutting their water usage by 25 percent over the next few months. The mandate went out to both urban and agricultural areas to decrease water usage and will be officially released in May. According to Brown, the state will have the right to fine agencies up to $10,000 per day if they do not obey the limited usage rules. These limitations will have a great impact on agriculture in the state in particular, leaving nearly 500,000 acres of land unused.

Atlanta teachers jailed on racketeering charges

On Wednesday, 10 former Atlanta Public School educators were charged with conspiracy and more in a cheating scandal that has been under investigation since 2008. The teachers were part of a large, organized effort to improve test scores by taking tests home with them and changing the answers. The test scores had so markedly improved that it prompted speculation and then investigation from the Georgia governor’s office. The 10 teachers that were jailed last week are awaiting bail and have been sentenced to between five to 10 years and 20 years.