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Imaging explains disease progression

Michael Miller, a professor of biomedical and electrical and computer engineering at Johns Hopkins, spoke at Carnegie Mellon this past week about applications of imaging.

Automated Braille Tutor wins Touch of Genius Prize

TechBridgeWorld, a research group in Carnegie Mellon’s Field Robotics Institute, was awarded the prize for their Automated Braille Tutor technology, an electronic device to aid blind students.

Pugwash: Mobile games raise questions about addictive technology

Student Pugwash is a non-advocacy, educational organization that discusses the implications of science. This article is a summary of last week’s discussion on addictive technology.

How Things Work: Plants found to react to their environment

This week's How Things Work explains the science behind plant neurobiology.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs cover exoskeletal footwear, trips to Mars, a biosensing platform, detection of prostate cancer, human ancestral fossils, and a dinosaur couple.

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