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Trump makes poor showing in Republican primary debate on Fox

While political correctness may be overrated, the continued popularity of a candidate with almost no substance is appalling.

Make connections with your professors

Professors might not demand a lot, but they expect more than they let on.

Make the most of your time at CMU with passion, drive, and friendship

everyone at Carnegie Mellon is here because they’re passionate — about learning, about the world, about their chosen field of study and often many fields outside it.

Student Government, cabinet ready to tackle the new year

Attend our town halls, reach out to us at any time, and most of all, have an amazing start to the year.

Presidential election season is too long

A condensed primary would cut down on the amount of time candidates have to “evolve” and provide a more democratic system.

Lean on friends for transition back to school

For most students, the end of the summer and the start of the school year come with a heavy supply of mixed feelings. On one hand, you’re probably sad...

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