National news in brief

Republicans hold first debate in 2016 primary race

The Republican Party held its first major debate of the 2016 primary races on August 6 in Cleveland, Ohio. Co-sponsored by Fox News and Facebook, the debates featured the top-ten highest polling candidates of the race: Donald Trump, reality-TV star and billionaire; Ben Carson, neurosurgeon; Jeb Bush, ex-Florida governor; Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin; Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas; Ted Cruz, Texas junior state senator; Marco Rubio, Florida junior state senator; Rand Paul, Kentucky senator; Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey; and John Kasich, governor of Ohio. The debates were moderated by Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace, and watched by nearly 24 million American voters. The debates featured questions asked by the moderators and, additionally, questioned asked by viewers on Facebook, both through video submissions and text comments.

The candidates wrestled with each other and the moderators over issues of abortion, border control, political experience, international relations, and welfare. The next debate will take place on Sept. 16, and will be sponsored by CNN.

Source: Fox News

California drought rages on; wildfires begin

The drought in California has continued over the summer and is now well into its fourth year with no sign of letting up. While the state operates under water restrictions, wildlife is withering away, crops that supply the entire country with food are drying up, and wildfires are burning in the Sierra Nevada. Recently released research has shown that scientists believe that the drought has been furthered and intensified by the rising temperatures that are a consequence of climate change. They say that the next two years could be the most brutal in California’s recent history, and that up to 2,000 rural wells have dried up in the meantime.

Source: KCRA Sacramento

Congress to vote on Iran Nuclear Deal

By September 17, Congress must vote to either approve or reject a deal that the Obama Administration has fashioned with Iran. The deal would curb Iran’s nuclear programs, but with some concessions.

House Republicans have already formally introduced a resolution of disapproval.

Source: NPR