Middle Class continues to benefit under Obama

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Amid the upcoming election season, where both politicians and "Average Joes" have focused their energy, President Obama has continued to battle against the largely Republican House of Representatives for the benefit of Middle America. Last week, Obama issued an executive order ensuring that federal contractors offer a certain number of paid sick days.

The American federal government has historically followed the mantra of trickle-down economics. It often utilizes this as an explanation for pushing policies that minimally interfere with everyday life. What politicians fail to realize is that these policies only have long-term benefits for a small percentage of the population.

For example: If the income tax is lowered, another tax will probably have to be raised. These are policies that give the appearance of the government working for the general welfare, but in actuality they show how stagnant America is as a nation.

Despite this lack of progress, America is changing for the better. Although Obama's executive order will only apply to about 300,000 individuals, it shows a shift toward targeting the right demographic and within the right time frame. The policies being enacted are moving away from a “free market,” in which oligarchs reign, and into a system in which people are starting to receive the assistance they need to move themselves up in society.

Under the Obama administration, new policies have allowed easier access to quality education, the growth of small businesses, and a plethora of other developing opportunities. The key to long-term benefits for the average American lifestyle is planning for the future. There is only a certain level of influence any president can offer toward this goal. Therefore, it is the task of Congress to move away from their old policies and place the good of the nation over the good of their constituents.

A quote very pertinent to America’s political system is: “If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.” During this upcoming presidential election, we will hopefully see an individual rise up and hold Congress more accountable for their lack of action in terms of progressing of America.

America used to be a superpower with every other country envious of its success. Eventually, America got complacent with where it was as a nation, giving other countries the opportunity to rise to and even surpass its level. In essence, an unwillingness to change and progress is what has caused America to “move backward.” With Obama's executive order, the United States has finally started to move back to a competitive level.