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Extra dramatic VMA Awards

This year’s Video Music Awards were an overwhelmingly political event.

Miller Gallery exhibit explores the art of sound

The concept of the aftersound is similar to that of the afterimage, in that one can continue to “hear” a sound after it is no longer being played.

Honeymoon promises sadness and soulfullness

While this album may not demonstrate an incredible level of artistic growth for Del Rey, the album might just in fact give listeners the most authentic portrayal of Del Rey’s artistic vision to date.

Washington D.C. has its own stress culture

I don’t think I understood how a city could have a pace until I came to D.C.. There are millions of moving parts, and I feel like I’m constantly trying to catch up with them.


This week Pittsburgh will hold the international Women and the Silent Screen conference, and Josh Groban will perform at the Benedum Center.

While away the week watching great TV

A new school year also means a new lineup of television shows, and we’ve got the scoop on this year’s newbies and returning favorites.

Getting sucked into the YouTube vortex

As much as I’d like to believe I’m a cultured intellectual, mindless entertainment might just be my greatest weakness. You know the drill. You’ve spent...

This season’s most anticipated releases

he time when acclaimed directors submit their next projects to selection committees and world premieres of the next wave of Oscar contenders get their time in the sun.

“Love Handles” keeps audiences giggling

Once again the British have come. Once again they were great.

Advice for Awkward People

The honeymoon phase can often be an upset to one’s daily routine.

Movies in McConomy

Mad Max: Fury Road Friday, Sept. 18 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20 8 p.m. This summer the Mad Max franchise finally saw it’s long-awaited fourth...

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