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Season premiere of The Mindy Project airs on Hulu

In swoops Hulu with the save! After a few weeks of teasing, creator and star Mindy Kaling announced a partnership with Hulu that would bring the show back for a 26-episode fourth season.

Presidential candidates try late night comedy

From making appearances in late night TV shows to the GOP Presidential Debate, this has been a busy week for many presidential candidates.

Red Cup Nation headlines Oakland Fest

Don’t be shocked if early Saturday afternoon you’re woken out of a hangover by the shaking of your bed. No, it’s not the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic Park— it’s Oakland’s new music festival.

Metric’s latest measures up

Last Friday, the Canadian band Metric released their sixth album, Pagans in Vegas. This album was prefaced by a letter written to the fans with a short...

Melanie Martinez plays debut album

At 8 p.m. sharp this past Tuesday, the darkness of Stage AE was split by a battle cry. It was the well-known shriek of a fan who was simply too excited to contain herself.

Coming to a theater near you: these films

Mary Poppins to be featured in new original musical Director Rob Marshall (Into The Woods, Chicago) has been attached by Disney to direct a new, original...

Advice for Awkward People

Dearest Josh, I am a sophomore in the BXA program for architecture and computational biology, and I am in dire need of some sweet, sweet assistance....

Movies in McConomy

Inside Out: There is nothing Pixar loves more than a story about growing up. The animation studio takes us on this journey in Inside Out once again,...


VIA Festival Highlights Friday 9/25 Workshop: What is #Additivism? Studtio for Creative Inquiry, CFA. 10 a.m.—5:30 p.m. "#Additivism: a movement...

Raw emotion and raucous humor at Trans-Q Live! at Warhol

Pop art by the openly gay Andy Warhol adorned the walls, and house music was playing through the lobby.

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