Advice for Awkward People

Dearest Josh,

I am a sophomore in the BXA program for architecture and computational biology, and I am in dire need of some sweet, sweet assistance. Last year, I was intensely devoted to my school work — so much so that I neglected to make or foster friendships, so I find myself rather isolated this year. I went to the Activities Fair this year to try and find a niche, and I ended up signing up for about 25 clubs and organizations. I went to every single first meeting, even going so far as to skip some of my classes so I could attend these events. Long story short, I’m now the president of three small clubs and the secretary of another, and I’m not sure what to do. I’m meeting so many people, doing such amazing things, and getting so crunk all the time. From an objective standpoint, it’s becoming a problem. What should I do to balance my growing social life and my schoolwork?

Balance Is Greatly
Beyond Everything Reality has Taught Her Anytime


Balancing work and play is one of the most difficult challenges of being a responsible adult. Even I, in my infinite wisdom, have struggled and continue to struggle with it. My advice for you and anyone else who struggles with finding balance is to take a step back and ask yourself, “do these clubs enrich my life, or simply drain me?” That’s a pretty quick way to find out which ones are worth your energy and which are just taking up time. Also, since your majors are so intense, you may even have to say goodbye or become less involved with clubs you love. It’s all about you being the best you can be. Do what you love, and do what challenges you — you’ll find your niche someday.

Joshua Brown.