Sports Briefs

Women’s Tennis

The Carnegie Mellon women’s tennis team split up this weekend to play Grove City and Seton Hill. Both halves of the squad were successful, sweeping their respective competitors.

Against Grove City, the Tartans were able to take 8–0 sweeps in the first and third doubles spots. First-years Jamie Vizelman and Minami Makino won their match in the top spot. Junior Margaret Anne Smith and sophomore Kalyani Narayan played in third. At the second spot, first-year Charlotte Deiss and sophomore Katie Lai were able to come away with an 8–2 win.

The Tartans never dropped a set in singles play, and won half of their matches without losing a game. Deiss, Lai, and Smith all won by scores of 6–0, 6–0. Vizelman and Makino came close, with each dropping only a single game in a 6–1, 6–0 victory. Narayan, playing in the top spot, was able to win by a score of 6–4, 6–0 as well. The Tartans won by a total count of 9–0.

Against Seton Hill, the Tartans’ first two points came by way of forfeit, but they were able to match their 9–0 pace from earlier by taking the seven remaining matches.

Sophomore Cori Sidell and junior Vanessa Pavia won their doubles match in the top spot 8–3 while senior Brooke Tsu and first-year Marina Selenica won in the second spot 8–5.

In singles play, junior Nicholle Torres was able to take her match in the top spot in a back and forth 6–3, 4–6, 11–9 affair. Tsu won her singles match 6–1, 6–0. Sidell won her match by way of two 6–2 sets. Senior Abby Hamstra won 6–3, 6–4. Selenica won by a score of 6–0, 6–1, rounding out the play for the Tartans.

The women’s tennis team continues its schedule on Sept. 26 at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Regional Tournament.

Men’s Tennis

The Carnegie Mellon men’s tennis team opened the dual season this past Friday with a 9–0 victory against Grove City.

First-years Daniel Levine and Vayum Arora took the number one doubles match 8–0. Sophomore Matt Seifert and first-year Julian Sweeney won 8–1 in the number two doubles match. Junior Kunal Wadwani and first-year Chaz Downing won the number three doubles match 8–1.

In singles play, the Tartans won all their matches in straight sets, with Wadwani, Levine, and Downing winning without conceding a single game at 6–0, 6–0 each. Arora won his match 6–0, 6–3, Sweeney won his match 6–2, 6–1, and Seifert won his match 6–0, 6–1.

The men’s tennis team resumes on Oct. 3 at the ITA Regional Tournament.

Women’s Volleyball

The Carnegie Mellon women’s volleyball team competed at the Days Inn Blue Jay Classic over the weekend.

In the first game of the tournament, the Tartans lost their first match of the year, falling to Eastern University 3–0. The loss came in tightly contested sets: 25–23 in the first two sets and 25–22 in the final set. The Tartans immediately rebounded against Elizabethtown College. The Tartans took the first two sets 25–19 and 25–16 while the opposing Blue Jays took the next sets 25–23 and 27–25. The Tartans triumphed in the final set 16–14.

On day two, the Tartans defeated McDaniel and Rochester by 3–1 margins. Against McDaniel, the Tartans only surrendered the third set 25–17 while winning the first 25–17, the second 25–22, and the fourth 25–10. Against Rochester, the 25–17 mark in the second set was Rochester’s only set of the game as the Tartans took the first set 25–18, the second 25–13, and the fourth 25–15.
Sophomore middle blocker Eliza Donohue was named all-tournament.

The women’s volleyball team returns to action on Sept. 23 at Franciscan University of Steubenville.