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U.S. soldiers cannot keep ignoring crimes of Afghanistan allies

It is shocking to hear that the United States military is turning a blind eye towards the rampant sexual abuse of young boys in Afghanistan.

Pope Francis is unlikely, powerful voice for new generation

Pope Francis' teachings have really resonated with millennials, such as myself, who feel as if their liberal social beliefs bar them from the possibility of being a Christian.

Immigrants want to learn English, despite claims of U.S. xenophobes

The report contributes to topical debates around immigration in part by saying that, contrary to the disconcertingly popular belief, immigrants' desire to learn English is very high.

Nepal can handle its own democracy, India

By aggressively enforcing its will, India is stifling Nepal’s progress towards democracy and turning it into a puppet state.

CMU's visiting policy makers are all talk, not enough action

All of their talks had one thing in common: none mentioned the real problems of their chosen issues.

Carson's Islamophobia shows Republican hypocrisy

As he seeks the highest office in the country, it is important to be aware of the way Carson views religion and public life.

Renewables solve world's energy crisis; just ask Texas

There are a few factors that make Texas's energy infrastructure unique, but we still need to acknowledge this event as further proof of the effectiveness of renewable energy sources.

Anti-Planned Parenthood means anti-women's health

Defunding Planned Parenthood would strip access to vital reproductive healthcare from millions of women in America.

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