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Single training interventions found to effectively reduce bias

Carey Morewedge spoke last Friday at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute’s weekly seminar about the benefits of debiasing training, specifically in the form of single training interventions.

Software helps create educational aids for the hearing impaired

TechBridgeWorld's iSTEP program created video sign language dictionaries and speaking games for hearing impaired children in Bangalore, India.

Soylent food substitute raises concerns

This article is a summary of Student Pugwash's discussion on Soylent, a processed drink containing all the vitamins and nutrients humans need to survive.

Loudspeakers transmit sound through unique structure

This week's How Things Work investigates how loudspeakers transmit sound.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs cover mummified kidneys, Facebook, renewable energy batteries, viruses, monkey selfies, and science book prizes.

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