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Two-party system limits U.S. voters

The two-party system represents a vastly oversimplified view of American political beliefs and has left millennials like myself out in the cold.

Trump’s aggressive hate reveals problems with whole GOP

This is not an article about Donald Trump. His most recent antics do, however, set the scene.

RepealThe19th shames women

I am not an avid Twitter user, but this past Wednesday I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to login to my old Twitter account to see if #RepealThe19th was a hashtag that was actually trending.

Winner-take-all voting underpins U.S. system

Since our current election has hit … let’s just say a low moral point, I am going to do my best to discuss anything else in the world of politics.

Letter to the editor: CMU STEM Imposter Syndrome

I got good grades in my high school math classes, but not without the nagging suspicion that I was earning them thanks to faith, luck, and a little bit of pixie dust.

Letter to the Editor: Call to action for CMU faculty

We, as a group of concerned students of color at the university, are disappointed.

Task Force on the CMU Experience needs to incorporate more student voices

On Oct. 6, Provost Farnam Jahanian sent out an email to the entire Carnegie Mellon community, reporting on the progress and goals of the Task Force on the CMU Experience.

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